LIBERIA: Trouble At Liberia/Ivorian Border, Land Encroachment By Ivorians Gives Rise To Serious Conflict Between Both Countries

Report from Liberia/Ivorians border speaks of serious conflict between citizens of both Countries following report that the citizens of Ivory Coast have resolved to encroach on the land of Liberia, planting food crops, and constructing dwelling homes on the soil of Liberia.

The report also said the defiance behaviors on the part of Ivorians to desist from encroaching on the Liberian soil recently resulted to a serious conflict between Liberians and Ivorians  residing in both countries bordering towns which led to the murder of a Liberian over the Cavalla River.

A local radio station quoting a member of the Liberian parliament from Maryland County complained to his colleagues about the seriousness of the boundary conflict, a situation he said is resulting to conflict between citizens of both countries.

This conflict, according to report has also reached the leaders of both Countries who are deliberating how best this conflict could be solved.

Our reporter is expected to visit the conflict area shortly.

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