Liberians Craving To Go Ebola Free, After Going ‘Half mark’ – Joel Cholo Brooks

“I can wait to see Liberia becoming Ebola Free after missing thousands of our citizens and foreign residents who felt prey as a result of the outbreak of this deadly disease in our Country. We’re praying day and night for this Ebola Virus Disease or EVD to pass over us,” John Tamba who lost his entire family in the Ebola war speaking tom our staff said.

Like John, several other Liberians are anxiously awaiting the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare Liberia free of the virus, after going several weeks without reporting a single case of the virus which killed thousands of citizens of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

This deadly disease which devastated families in these three West African Countries has forced hundreds of children to become orphans, while putting apart husbands and wives and leaving homes in ruins is slowly being chased of Liberia due to the observation of the EVD preventive procedures.

 Speaking to our roving reporter during the week in Monrovia and its suburb, dozens of Liberians in an exclusive said they were doing to making sure that this virus is kick out of Liberia, and never to come back.

“All preventive measures are being observed by our household around the country, we are doing all in our powers to send this deadly virus out of here; this virus has taken the lives of our citizens, devastated our Country”, Esther Thomas, a resident of Banjor Community in Virginia speaking tom our reporter said.

Liberia was one of the worst affected countries in this outbreak. Transmission declined in early 2015, and the response scaled back proportionally areas. By March, the last case had been released from treatment and all contacts had finished their monitoring period.

According to the Ministry of Health of Liberia no has been no reported confirmed EVD case in Liberia since March 20. The last confirmed case died at the Monrovia Medical Unit (MMU) on March 27, 2015 and was buried at the Disco Hill national burial site on March 2, 2015.

The trouble of the EVD in Liberia started on March 30, 2014 when the country experienced the first two cases of Ebola, in the Foya district of Lofa county near the border with Guinea, were confirmed. In the same year (2014) on 2 April, an infected traveller from Lofa passed through Monrovia.

Now Liberians are praying for this virus to go away, awaiting the WHO to officially announce that their Country, “Liberia has gone through and is now an Ebola free country”. We hope this long awaited dream of Liberia come through with the departure of EVD.

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