Four Additional Liberian Girls Allegedly Trafficked In Lebanon Returns Home

The National Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force on behalf of the Government of Liberia announces that four (4) additional Liberian girls allegedly trafficked to Lebanon have been repatriated to the country.

The Task Force informs the public that the girls upon their return were taken to a safe home where they joined ten (10) others who were earlier rescued and repatriated from Lebanon. While at the safe home, these victims of alleged human trafficking, domestic servitude and sexual exploitation will receive the much needed psychosocial support and routine medical check-ups to ensure that the psychosocial and medical impacts of their nightmares are adequately addressed.

Additionally, the Task Force informs the public that keeping these girls in safe homes is important and necessary as government collects their testimonies to help with the prosecution of the alleged human traffickers.

The Government encourages everyone including members of their respective families and the Press to protect the identities of these girls which is crucial in safeguarding them from stigmatization while they endeavor to build their lives afresh after these unfortunate experiences.

Meanwhile, the National Anti- Human Trafficking Task Force assures all Liberians that the prosecution of the alleged perpetrators is in process and that the government is working with the Lebanese Community in Liberia, the Lebanese Government and all its international partners to identify and bring back to the country all Liberian girls who are similarly situated.

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