LIBERIA: Public Works Minister Suggests Road Maintenance Fund

Public Work Minister William Gyude Moore has said if Liberia must maintain quality road networks there is a need to establish a Road Maintenance Fund to underwrite the cost of upgrading roads in the country.
He observed that as a result of the prolonged period of rainfall in the country annually, there was need to frequently manage roads through systematic routine maintenance.
“Road maintenance has to be systematic; it has to be predictable and regular,” Moore told the Ministry of Information regular Thursday press conference held at the ministry in Monrovia.
The Public Works Minister asserted that to enhance the maintenance of roads there should be a predictable road maintenance financing program that is not linked to the ministry’s fiscal budget.
He said the Ministry of Public Works has already developed a draft Act seeking to establish a Road Maintenance Fund for Liberia.
According to Moore, the draft Act is currently being reviewed by the Ministry of Justice, the Law Reform Commission and the Legal Advisor to the President, adding, “We hope over the next 12 days the review process will be completed so that it can be sent for further review to the President and the Legislature.”

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