LIBERIA: Gov’t Issues ‘No-Go Zones’ Ultimatum For Bike Riders

The Ministry of Justice has issued an ultimatum that restricts the routes currently utilized by commercial motorbike riders in Monrovia.
Accordingly, the riding of motorbikes from ELWA Junction to Paynesville Red Light, and from Paynesville Red Light to Double Bridge in Gardnerville, and from Paynesville Red Light to Mount Barclay is hereby suspended effective immediately.
A special statement issued Thursday, April 16, states that “the Liberia National Police is hereby instructed to impound any motorbike found plying the streets herein stated and to have the rider thereof arrested, detained and charged.”
An incident between some police officers and motorbike riders resulted into an impasse allegedly leading to injuries, including some police personnel, as well as the destruction of property and police depots on Thursday, April 16.
This will enable the government to secure a corridor of peace and tranquillity in the affected areas, investigate the circumstances that led to this incident and to take the appropriate actions, the statement said.
“We call upon all our citizens and residents within our borders to cooperate with the government fully in having this incident investigated,” adding, “we encourage all bike riders to respect the law and to submit their grievances to the law and not to take matters into their hands.”

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