Lawrence Fahnbulleh’s Cheap Propaganda Seeking Support A Fallacy in Ill-treatment of Liberian Girls in Lebanon Report

Some so call advocacy groups in Liberia nowadays are using others to sustain their livelihood under the pretext that they are in the interest of those they claimed to defend; blackmailing others through some local sponsored media outlets.

These individuals and their purported advocacy organizations are in the constant habits of tarnishing the hard-earned reputation of Liberians whose professional background gave them the courage to expose ills in the Liberian society.

As a professional journalist who has been in this field for over three decades, and has never been questioned in any way for reporting misinformation is taken aback by a recent interview on a local radio and TV station by one Lawrence Fahnbulleh who claimed to be the head of one of such group, the Journalists Against Sexual and Gender Based Violence (JASGBV) describing the publisher of this outlet as ‘Unprofessional Journalist’.

This outlet which has an international reputation for professional reportage, and been credited by dozens of professionals institutions around the globe as its mandate to adequately inform, educate and entertain was one of those media outlets that highlighted the plight of Liberian girls in Lebanon who were humiliated and used as sex slaves in that country for years.

As a result of this endless ill-treatment against these Liberian girls by Lebanese in Lebanon, several media outlets including ours took up the challenge to create awareness in order for the Liberian Government to address itself on the matter, and help bring relief to our sufferance citizens.

Lawrence Fahnbulleh who claimed to be advocating for rights of young girls did not speak on the issue, nor did he help to publicize the plight of these young Liberian girls who were been used as sex slave in that country despite his so call advocacy against sexual and gender based-violence instead he optioned to damage the reputation of those individuals who made it possible for the release of these girls from Lebanon to be secured by the Liberian Government.

His interview with reporters in Monrovia threatening to complain the Publisher and others to the Press Union of Liberia for featuring the plights of these young Liberian girls is a sheer bluff aimed are ‘talking in order to secure some cash’ that he is in the interest of Liberians.

Let Fahnbulleh be reminded that no matter of threat from his so call advocacy group will frighten us in any way.

If it wasn’t the number of publications by these media outlets he is accusing of been on ‘Unprofessional’ in seeking the release of these ladies from their ‘prison cells’ to come to Liberia, his cheap propaganda being spread against us would have succeeded.

His threat against us must be considered as a big bluff, as he seeks for his funding. Watch out as we prepare to do our job, no number of threat will deter us.

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