LIBERIA: Mauritanian Kidnapper gets 10-year Sentence

Criminal Court 'A' Tuesday affirmed a trial jury's unanimous guilty verdict of a 10-year sentence for a Mauritanian man for kidnapping three Liberian children.

Presiding Judge Roosevelt Willie in his final judgment said "in view of the facts and circumstances as well as laws cited the unanimous guilty verdict by the trial jurors are hereby affirmed and confirmed."

Judge Willie immediately set aside Defendant Mohammed Sedee Falee’s bail bond because of claim of two nationalities which raises the issue of flight-risk.

The clerk was then ordered to issue a commitment in accordance with the ruling to have the defendant incarcerated at the Monrovia Central Prison for 10 years.

The Criminal Court 'A' Resident Judge further informed defense team that if the kidnapped children were not heard of and produced to the court within three years, Defendant Falee would spend the rest of his life in prison as provided law.

Prior to his ruling defense law filed a 12count motion for a retrial, saying that the trial jurors were in error with their unanimous guilty verdict.

But the motion was thrown out because it was said have lacked legal ground.

On April the trial jurors of Criminal Court 'A' convicted the Mauritanian for kidnapping the three children.

The jurors through the foreman informed the court that after reviewing all the pieces of evidence they were convinced to convicted the defendant of kidnapping.

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