Liberian Banknotes Saddled With Rejection In Nimba

The Superintendent of the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) Branch in Nimba County, Ms. Sennie Suah, is calling on the government to speedily intervene in the growing rejection of the Liberian banknote for allegedly being mutilated or worn.
She observed that most of the money refused by Liberians in the local markets are not really damaged or cut apart, noting that those rejecting the banknotes with insignificant defacing marks are mainly stores, marketers and street vendors.
She regrets the rejection of the Liberian currency, noting that this was a setback to the growth of the economy and further reduces the circulation of the banknotes.
Speaking to the Liberia News Agency Thursday in her Sanniquellie Office, Suah claimed that there is no need for a citizen to pledge allegiance to the flag of the country, preach solidarity and yet neglect the value of the national currency.
“We want the government to get involved in the removal of this trade barrier,” Suah appealed.

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