LIBERIA: Auditing Commission Indict Officials For’ Misapplying Ebola Funds, But Those Linked Rubbishes Allegations

Report released early this week by the Liberian General Auditing Commission (GAC) on the misapplication of millions of dollars spent in the fight against Ebola at the height of the outbreak of the disease last year seems to worry many Liberians including those been accused, saying it is intended to damage their hard earned reputation.

The General Auditing Commission (GAC) in its report covering the period from August to October 2014 analyzed more than $13 million spent by the National Ebola Trust Fund (NETF). The funds mostly came from foreign donations.

In order to adequately inform our numerous readers on how the Ebola funds was allegedly misapplied by those who were on the frontline in the fight of this deadly virus, this network is currently conducting series of interviews with those being accused to be posted in our subsequent posting.

Effort is also been made to get in contact to a London based Public Relation firm, the BTP Advisers International Limited for its role played to receive the amount of US$30,000.00 plus from the NETF for its International Support for the Ebola outbreak from August 1st to the 31st 2014.

For his part, Lewis Brown, Minister of Information and Amara Konneh who GAC said were instrumental in the deal between the NETF and this London based PR in a telephone interview said detail on this situation will be released Monday at his Ministry’s regular press briefing.

One of those being highlighted in the GAC report, James Dorber Jallah in an exclusive interview with our staff has also taken serious exception to the report.

According to the GAC, the conduct of the affairs of the (NETF) was marred by financial irregularities and material control deficiencies.

The Ebola epidemic, which began in December 2013, has claimed nearly 10,600 lives, mostly in Liberia, neighboring Guinea and Sierra Leone, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

In its statement recently, the government said it welcomed the report and pledged to take appropriate corrective measures, including possible prosecutions and tighter spending controls.

The findings conveyed in the report, according to the GAC were formally communicated to the Management Team of the National Ebola Trust Fund and its implementing partners for their responses.

Full report of the GAC findings on the National Ebola Task Force/ Incident Management System (IMS) will also be published following the completion of contact with those being linked.

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