Former U.S. President Lauds U.S. Based Liberian For His Manifesto – “Liberia Will Rise Again”

Jones Nhinson Williams, a Liberian based in the United States who over the years has been advocating for the growth and development of his Country has been praised by first class American citizens, including former American President George W. Bush for his commitment in bringing peace to his homeland, Liberia through his international advocacies.

The former U.S. President George Bush in his letter dated March 12, 2015 to Mr. Williams, a copy in the possession of this news outlet, thanked him for his manifesto LIBERIA WILL RISE AGAIN, and emphasized his commitment to his Country.

The former U.S. President in his letter to Mr. Williams, further said he believe freedom is the birthright of every man and woman on the face of the earth, and stressed, “I am grateful that the citizens of Liberia know liberty.

Concluding, George Bush thanked Mr. Williams for his compassionate efforts to ensure a brighter future for his beloved country.

Mr. Williams over the years have been advocating for the people of Liberia, focusing on how they have been denied of their resources and also been forced by economic starvation to accommodate those who have and continue to subjugate them in harsh poverty and hardship.

This U.S. based patriotic Liberian has always opted for what many Liberians both at home called a real change who repeatedly said Liberia needs a fundamental change and Liberians have to take responsibility in leading that change through the decisions they make going forward.

The commendation being given him by United States of America former President is a classical example of his many contributions to the growth and development of his Country.

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