ACSS Faculty Donates To Liberian Media Houses

An adjunct faculty at the African center for strategic studies based in Washington DC, the United States, has donated a consignment of office supplies to the inquirer and the news new paper in Monrovia. Presenting the consignment at the offices of Pervocate, a diabetes testing and awareness center on Front street, Ms. Agnes Johnson disclosed, that the donation was the personal contribution to the two media institutions by Mr. James Momoh, a former Liberian journalist and founder of the diabetes testing and awareness center currently residing in the United States.  

Ms. Johnson who serves as the administrative manager of the center, told the recipients that the former Liberian journalist has always maintained, that the Liberian media has a crucial role to play in the attainment of peace and stability in Liberia, based on the stories they report and the credibility in their reports of events in the country.

She said news filtering from Liberia to the international community is either the motivating factor for attracting investors or discouraging potential investors from investing into the Liberian economy and as such the media must consider itself as an integral part of the Liberian society by reporting on those conditions that are hindering the growth and development of the country.

She said as a former reporter in Liberia, Momoh understands the challenges faced by Liberian journalists in their news gathering and reporting, but urged media institutions in the country to be more resilient in their reports and objective as watch dog for society.

She said, the donation must serve as a motivation and indication to media institutions that Liberians outside the county are looking forward, and depending on the local media to seek the interest of the people of Liberia and to objectively report on those conditions that affects their lives. The administrative manager also indicated that during the Ebola epidemic in Liberia, Momoh was amongst several Liberians in the United States that initiated a more proactive engagement with the United States congress for the immediate involvement of the government of the United States into the Ebola crises in Liberia.  “It shows that the donor of these stationeries is someone that is committed to making a difference in the lives of people in this country”

The management of the two media institutions lauded the effort of the former Liberian journalist and adjunct faculty of the African center for strategic studies for his donation and the acknowledgement of the numerous problems faced by media institutions or journalists in the country. They called on other Liberians in the diasporas to emulate the good examples of the former Liberian journalist.

They further said while media institutions are benefitting from the good will of the donor, he is also involved in the health care delivery system providing awareness and the  opportunity for people to get tested for medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension that have become the leading cause of death and disability.

The recipients assured the donor of their commitment to objective reporting of unfolding events in Liberia as it relates to the general wellbeing of the people of Liberia.

Momoh, was part of a united states delegation from the African center for strategic studies last year that visited Liberia   and hosted a weeklong conference on security sector reform and the media engagement of the process


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