LIBERIA: Gbanken-Zoloken Gets Connected Due to GVL Road Works

Golden Veroleum Liberia is constructing a road worthin Grandcess/Wedabo Statutory District in Grand Kru County. The 2.35km road is expected to benefit over 2,000 local residents and businesses in the area.

The road which directly connects Gbanken to Zoloken and Ylatwen to Gbanken, seeks to bring relief to over six communities that for several years have been using bush roads and walking through swamps. The road, which is nearing completion, will provide easy access for community residents and allows the free flow of goods and services. The road upon completion will also serve Juduken and Ylatwen towns.

Golden Veroleum Community Affairs Officer for Social Sustainability, Blanyon Himmie, indicated that the project is part of GVL’s ongoing efforts in coordinating with local communities. “Weenvision ourselves as part of the local communities and GVL is committed in improving and providing road accessibility to communities in which we operate,” said Himmie. “We committed to improving and developing our local communities in bringing long-term prosperity which will help, in our view to eradicate or minimize rural poverty in the Liberian countryside.”

Recognizing the road initiative by GVL, Wedabo Chiefdom Paramount Chief, Peter Newon, praised GVL for the road describing it as first of its kind. “When we invited and accepted GVL  to develop our land, we knew that our lives were going to certainly change; today we can boast of modern schools for our children, safe drinking water, new roads and most importantly employment of our citizens,” said Newon,”

On December 17, 2013, GVL signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the citizens of Zoloken- Grandcess/Wedabo District to include the construction and improvement of roads and bridges to the direct benefit of the communities. To date the company has rehabilitated and construct several feeder roads in Grand Kru including the road linking Ylatwen to Beloken, Po-River Middle Town to Weteken, Waterside Weteken and from Big Town to Weteken.

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