LIBERIA: Delegates At CRC Conference Denounced The Acceptance Of Dual Citizenship And Dual Currency

Following acceptance by delegates at the ongoing Constitutional Review Conference in Gbarnga, Bong County has agreed that dual citizenship and dual currency should not be accepted in Liberia.

The delegates also agreed that the constitution should ensure women’s participation in governance and social affairs and women should have equal economic and social opportunities (empowerment and education.)

The delegates further voted for the presidential term of office to be reduced from six to four years. They likewise voted to reduce the senatorial term from nine to six years and the term of office of representatives from six to four years.

The conference, however, rejected the proposed amendment seeking marital rights for people in prolonged co-habitation.

Also coming under scrutiny was the office of Vice President which the delegates agreed should not preside over the House of Senate because of the principle of separation of powers.  Delegates voted for the office of Chief Justice to be an elected position.      

All the propositions agreed upon will now be compiled by the CRC and subsequently submitted to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for onward submission to the National Legislature for their concurrence.

If the proposed amendments obtain a two third majority vote of both the Senate and House of Representatives, they will then be forwarded to the National Elections Commission for a referendum.

If they are endorsed by Liberians in a referendum, the propositions will then be printed as an amendment to the 1986 Constitution of Liberia.

During yesterday’s deliberations, security forces patrolled the conference hall and prevented large gatherings outside of the hall.

Protesting Muslims were driven about 100 feet from where the voting was taking place.

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