Conflict At Liberia / Ivorian Border, Following Shooting Of A Liberian Across Cavalla River By Ivorian Soldier

Crisis between Liberian and Ivorian security authorities has intensified following the alleged shooting of a Liberian by men believed to be Ivorian soldiers across the Cavalla River in River Gee County.

According to a member of the River Gee Legislative Caucus, this latest incident has created serious conflict between Liberians and Ivorian citizens who are residing in towns near the Cavalla River.

Representative Matthews Jaye speaking on a local radio station in Monrovia said since the occurrence of this incident, citizens of River Gee are bitter with their Ivorian counterparts.

He disclosed that his caucus has written President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on the matter, noting that if nothing is done to handle such situation and be addressed properly, it could develop into what he called a country to country conflict.

Speaking to our staff, a resident of one of the border towns in the area where the incident took place recently, and begged not to be named said Liberians living around the Cavalla River are living in fear since the shooting of their colleagues took place.

The Liberian and Ivorian Governments are yet to comment on this new development concerning the alleged shooting across the Cavalla River of a Liberian by Ivorian soldier.

Investigation continues


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