LIBERIA: Despite Of Muslims Protest At CRC Conference To Reject Christianizing Liberia, Delegates Endorsed

As Muslim delegates at the Constitutional Review Conference in Gbarnga are called for the removal of proposition 24 which calls for the return of Liberia to a Christian state, delegates at the close of the conference endorsed it with majority delegates given their blessing to it.

Muslims delegates on Wednesday gathered in huge numbers to protest against the proposition, claiming that such proposition is anti-democratic because it is targeting one group of people and therefore should be omitted.

They carried placards with the inscriptions “one who uses gun to settle political issues can also use guns to settle religious issues” and “No to Christian state and yes to secular state.”

The agitating group believes that Liberia is for all and as such the Constitution of Liberia should seek the interest of all its citizens.

As the result of the protest, the conference came to a momentary standstill, but some members of the National Traditional Council of Liberia and other stakeholders intervened and held series of meetings with the aggrieved party to bring the situation under control.

But at the end of the conference delegates were overwhelmed to endorsed the proposition 24.

At the same time the tenure of the presidency was reduced from six years to four years, while tenure for Senators was also reduced from nine years to six.

Detail will follow in our subsequent posting 

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