Former Montserrado County Superintendent Says Liberian Legislators Lack Moral Standards

Former Montserrado County Superintendent Grace T. Kpan has sternly branded Liberian legislators as people “lacking moral standards and character.”

Mrs. Kpan, in a live talk show on a local station in Monrovia on Monday, described the recent fist fights among members of the House of Representatives as one incident that clearly manifests the lack of morals and civility among members of the 53rd Legislature.

She asserted that she was incarcerated for defiance and forced to resign, but the same group of officials who accused her of defiance now sit at the table in the first branch of government and engage in fist fights.

“The legislators are untouchable.  They put me in prison and forced me to resign. They said if I didn’t resign they would not work with the President.  Liberia could not be held hostage for my sake and so I agreed to resign, but these are the same people sitting at the table physically fighting one another.  They lack moral standards. They only have charisma but lack character,” Madam Kpan contended.

She also emphasized that Liberian lawmakers seek not to pass bills that will have a positive impact on the electorate that elected them, but rather pass concession agreements at “4G” speed for their personal benefit.

The former Montserrado Superintendent challenged any lawmaker, whether male or those female members seeking 30% representation, to face her with contempt charges on the public statements she has made.

When the spokesperson of the House of Representatives, Isaac Wreh was contacted, he challenged former Superintendent Kpan to cite any instance that taints the Legislature of not possessing moral standing.

He said the National Legislature is doing its work in line with the Constitution and has a good moral standing.

Grace Kpan, following her defeat in the Montserrado 2009 by-election, was appointed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Superintendent of Montserrado County.

In 2013 a financial crisis sprang up between former Superintendent Kpan and the House of Representatives, leading her to expose the “You eat, I eat” recording on Representative Edward Forh.

Representative Forh at the time admitted conversing with the former Superintendent about dividing some portion of the Montserrado County Development Fund for personal use, but described the conversation as a “foolish joke.”

The House, upon hearing the recording, vowed to investigate the incident, but there has been no report or conclusion since that pronouncement.

Madam Kpan was ordered jailed for her defiance to comply with the House’s order to pay a fine, but former City Mayor Mary Broh and other women went to her rescue at the Monrovia Central Prison and took her away.

This incident led the House of Representatives to pass a vote of no confidence in her and Mary Broh, and both were asked to resign or the House would not work with President Sirleaf if the two officials maintained their positions.

That is when Mary Broh was removed as Mayor of Monrovia.  She was later appointed Director General of the General Services Agency (GSA).

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