Diaspora Liberians Want CRC Conference Consider Dual Citizenship

Liberians in the Diaspora are appealing to stakeholders at the ongoing constitutional review process in Gbarnga, Bong County to consider dual citizenship in the amendment of the 1986 Liberian Constitution.
Speaking on behalf of Diaspora Liberians at the launch of the Constitutional Review Conference Monday, the president of the European Federation of Liberian Associations, John Nimely Brownell, called on the National Legislature to accept Liberians living abroad by advocating for the passage of the Dual Citizenship Act.
Brownell pointed out that Liberians living abroad should not be seen as foreigners by those residing in the country, but rather as partners in the rebuilding process of Liberia.
He indicated that it is about time that Liberians living abroad be seen and accepted as true Liberian citizens through the acceptance of the dual citizenship act that has been submitted by some Liberians, including President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, to the Legislature.
“This aspect of the constitutional review process is crucial and as such the Legislature, Judiciary and Executive, including other major stakeholders involved in the process, should give it serious consideration because decisions made here today will haunt us tomorrow,” Brown noted.
Liberians living abroad who have acquired citizenship of the countries in which they are residing have over the years opted to be granted dual citizenship right, something which has triggered debate in the public domain.
Some Liberians at home have argued that Liberians who are citizens of other countries have denounced their loyalty and patriotism to their motherland, while others see granting them Liberian citizenship as a contravention of the organic law which forbids a citizen from holding citizenship of two countries.
Yet others say Liberians abroad should not be denied citizenship to the country of their nativity because factors leading to their acquisition of other citizenship were driven by their desire to tap into opportunities to benefit their lives.

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