One Of The Many Liberian ‘Sex Slaves’ In Lebanon Has Threatened To Commit Suicide

One of the many Liberian ladies who were taken deceived by a Lebanese national Abbas Debs in Liberia that they were been taken to that country for job opportunities and are now been used as sex slaves is calling on the Liberian Government to quickly come to their rescue or else she will kill herself.

Speaking to a local radio station in Monrovia via mobile phone, the lady name withheld said their condition in that part of the world were getting worse every day, and that many of them were being used as sex slaves by their so-called employers.

She also disclosed that Abbas Debs had called and threatened to kill them when he travel to Lebanon, boasting that he is a well-known businessman in Liberia and that the Liberian Government cannot do anything to him.

Recently the  Plenary of the House of Representatives  instructed its Committees on Foreign Affairs, Justice, Gender and Labor to probe into claims that 67 Liberian females are being used as sexual and domestic slaves in Lebanon.

Plenary reached the decision during the House of Representatives 9th day sitting of the 4th Session following a joint communication from Representatives Bhofal Chambers of Maryland County and Munah Pelham-Youngblood of Montserrado County respectively.

Following the reading and subsequent debate on the floor, Plenary mandated the Committees on Foreign Affairs, Justice, Gender and Child Protection and Labor to invite the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration, Minister of Labor, Minister of Gender and Child Protection and the Minister of Justice, respectively to ascertain the facts and advice Plenary in one week.

The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it is concerned about the welfare of seven Liberian girls that were allegedly trafficked to the Republic of Lebanon and that all frantic efforts are being made to get the girls returned to Liberia soon.

The girls, named RemaNyepan, Ayres M. Jasper, Bernice Gbar, Muffitte N. Panma, Grace K. David, Emma T. Swaber and Patience King were reportedly subjected to slavery and abuse by residents to whom they were contracted for housekeeping.

Cllr. Boakai Kanneh, Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal Affairs, made the disclosure recently when he responded to a group of local journalists, who had gone to seek clarity on the saga of the Liberian girls.

Minister Kanneh also asserted that the Liberian Government has been investigating the matter and in order to facilitate the return of the girls to Liberia, has sent travel documentations along with tickets while flight arrangements are being finalized.

Minister Kanneh's clarity runs contrary to media reports that the Government has not shown any interest in the alleged trafficked Liberian girls.

The Deputy Foreign Minister also disclosed that these efforts are being made in conjunction with other relevant stakeholders, including the Ministries of Justice and Labor and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

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