“Michael Alison Lived A Dubious Life – Says Liberian Gov’t, Releases Final Autopsy Report

The Ministry of Justice in Monrovia has finally broken silence on the death probe of the late whistle blower, Cllr. Michael Allison, disclosing that his death was natural, and no foul play was discovered during the two autopsy reports from both an American and Sierra Leonean pathologists.

Addressing a news conference at the Ministry of Information in Monrovia, Justice Minister, Benedict Sannor with Solicitor General of Liberia, Betty Larmin and Police Director, Chris Massaquoi, said the late Michael Alison lived a dubious life whose prior to his death carried several passports with fictitious names.

 He further disclosed that his death was natural and that he died of drowning, and that no foul play was discovered during the two international autopsy reports, and called on any one who claimed to be a member of the late Alison and refuse to accept this report to come forth.

The late Cllr. Allison was reportedly found dead on a beach in a Monrovia suburb of Sinkor in February, raising public suspicion that he may have been murdered.

He was former consultant to the House of Representatives on the nationwide oil and gas consultations, who reportedly blew the whistle on the US$25,000 saga, involving House Speaker Alex Tyler and Representative Adolph Lawrence, which has resulted to probe by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission or LACC.

The Liberia National Police last month invited a pathologist from neighboring Sierra Leone to conduct an autopsy on the deceased, but since the autopsy was completed, findings have not been released to the public amidst huge anxiety, particularly among Monrovia residents.

This latest report by the Liberian Government now put to rest speculation that the late Alison was murdered by unknown individuals linking both the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Alex Tyler and a member of the House, Representative Adolf Lawrence.


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