Diabetes Education for Liberian Schools to be launched shortly

(CAPTION:James Momoh presenting a diabetes testing kit to Buchanan city mayor during his assessment visit recently)  

The management of pervocate, a diabetes testing and awareness center in Monrovia has disclosed that it is working out modalities with several schools in Monrovia and its environs to benefit from a month long diabetes awareness program.

The awareness program is aimed at educating students on diabetes complications, prevention and management. Speaking from the United States, Mr. James Momoh who is also the founder of the center said,diabetes has become a global medical condition that requires urgent attention by the international community. He said the disease currently affects about half of the world population and is also the second leading cause of death and disability.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that occurs when the body does not or properly use insulin hormone,needed for the body function and statistics shows that about 350 million people are presently living with the disease globally.

During the month long awareness program, students will have the opportunity to be educated on the disease management prevention and symptoms. He said while diabetes is most often associated with the aging population, it is also on the rise among adolescents and finding suggests that the disease progresses more rapidly in children and often difficult to treat.

Momoh said one of the reasons for the alarming rate of the disorder among children is obesity and unhealthy lifestyle, adding that the introduction of awareness program has the potential of identifying teenagers who are unknowingly living with early onset of diabetes and to provide them the opportunity of having a support system through the center on a diabetes management program.

Momoh disclosed that in most African countries, diabetes is a peril to children and they often die within a year due to the lack of early detection and treatment.“Let parents take their children to get tested for early onset of diabetes a key component to the management of the disease” He disclosed that the center is also looking forward to working with school administrators on the introduction of a surveillance program for students that will be consider potential candidates for early onset of diabetes based on their body mass index (BMI).Momoh said, while diabetes has become global health crises, the uniqueness of the disease is our ability to manage the disease through lifestyle changes.  


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