LIBERIA: Justice Minister Calls For Setting Up Of Corruption Court

Justice Minister Benedict Sannoh has emphasized the need to establish a court to deal with cases of corruption in the country.
He said when established, the court will fast-track the prosecution of corrupt individuals as well as prosecute cases already on the docket of courts.
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in her State of the Nation address in January this year said she will submit an Act to the Legislature for the creation of a court to deal with economic crimes.
He also pointed out that fast-tracking the prosecution of corruption cases will further enhance public confidence in the judicial system since in fact it is faced with the challenge of restoring public trust in its work.
“When people lose confidence in the court system they tend to seek other avenues they deem proper which in most cases undermine peace,” said Sannoh in remarks at the opening session of the Supreme Court of Liberia for the March Term of Court.
In support of the confidence building initiative of the Judiciary, Sannoh vowed to institute action against any member of the Justice Ministry found in acts that undermine the integrity of the justice system of the country.
“While the suspension of lawyers and judges help in the restoration of public confidence in our system, we must also look at our solicitors, county attorneys and all justice actors whether they are doing all that are required for citizens to have confidence that is justified by us,” he noted.
The Justice Minister has meanwhile welcomed the creation of an additional civil law court for the speedy trial of cases.

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