Italian Firm Eyes Investment In Liberia

Italian firm, Retelgy Limited has announced the opening of a Liberian office this year citing huge prospects in Liberian business environment.

The information was announced on the company’s facebook page on Tuesday March 10, 2014 with an immediate two hundred eighty persons reached in seconds.

“We are moving to Liberia soon, a place of huge business prospect. We have no doubt that YES TV & Retelgy Limited Telecommunication Company will enhance Liberia's satellite dream and move you all digital. Our team in Liberia is now working 24/7 in fulfilling this dream…BLESSINGS LIBERIA!!!, “ information posted on the company’s site read.

Retelgy Limited is becoming the world’s biggest telecommunication company, marketing products to the global community.

Radio equipment ranging from durable transmitters, radio and TV plus other accessories can now reach Liberia in ten days as compare to months, Africa’s CEO, Rocky Wilson stated.

As part of the company’s operations in Liberia, portable media gadgets will be on display and can be obtained without any stress; free to air satellite dishes for YES TV will also go on display.

YES TV, a component of the company’s brand will enable Liberian TV to go satellite and link up to a 100 channel network watched internationally.

This free to air product will boost the nation’s satellite competition to an enviable level and open the country to a broader spectrum of the global market, enabling satellite internet on purchase for homes, offices or businesses.

The company encourages series of engagements and will be taking an assessment trip to the nation in weeks where series of media engagements and business meetings will ensue.

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