Liberia Gone 12 Days Without Any Confirm Ebola Case

The Head of Ebola Incidence Management System, Atty. Tolbert Nyanswah, has challenged Liberians to commit themselves to achieving “zero Ebola infections” “Liberia now has only one confirm Ebola case in the ETU.  “Already, counties have gone days without a single  confirm case of Ebola, but the reality of sustaining continuous zero cases rests with every Liberian and as such, the citizenry must stay focused in winning the fight,” he said.

Nyenswah proffered the update on Wednesday, when he addressed the  Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism  daily Press Briefing on Ebola.

“As much as we can be confident in pledging our support to zero cases, we cannot do that successfully if we do not exert collective efforts of individuals and communities across the country,” he emphasized.

According to Minister Nyensah, Liberia will on tomorrow March 5, 2015 discharge the last Ebola patient from the Chinese ETU in Monrovia. The Health official told Liberians that at present no confirm case in the country and if continue up to 42 days WHO  will declared Liberia Ebola free.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf launched a nationwide “No New Cases” campaign in December 2014, aimed at eradicating Ebola from Liberia and ensuring that getting rid of the disease forms part of everyone’s business.

In a related development, the Executive Director of LRRRC has disclosed that since the outbreak of the Ebola Virus the agency has been involved with the distribution of Ebola preventive materials to refugees’ centers in the country.

Madam Abla Williams said her agency was opportune to reached 534 family heads and 187 individuals with preventive materials.

Speaking at the Wednesday, March 04, 2015 MICAT Press Briefing, the LRRRC boss maintained that the refugees entity was privilege to sensitized about 37,000 refugees in different localities in the country on how to prevent the virus.

She told journalists that since the outbreak of the disease, there’s about 173 staff at the institution that were not consider nonessential. Madam Williams informed Liberians that all her staff was assigned in the various counties to carry out awareness.

Meanwhile, the LRRRC praised local health authorities, UNHCR, MOD, MOH, LNP, and MIA for their efforts to the agency.

In another development, Acting Minister Jackson while presiding at MICAT’s briefing today, disclosed that the Government of Liberia has approved 3million United States dollars for the use by the University of Liberia to be received by this week.

Making the disclosure on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at the MICAT Press Conference, the Acting Minister of MICAT, Atty. Isaac W. Jackson said, “UL has requested 15m for the reopening of the institution but the government will make 3million available for now”.

Minister Jackson pointed out that in 2014, the Government of Liberia made available 10.3m to UL, while 9.9m was allotted in 2015.  The Acting MICAT boss made these clarifications based on allegation made by the former Vice President for Finance and Fscal Affairs, Prof. Wilson Tarpeh that “President Sirleaf was not supporting the UL because of his political aliment with a political party.

Minister Jackson told the media that President Sirleaf democratic credentials are unmatched as such, she will not anything repulsive to see over 35,000 students at the institution sit without attending classes and does not support because of Prof. Wilson Tarpeh present.

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