Obama meets Liberian president, cheers win against Ebola

President Obama on Friday hosted Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the Oval Office, praising her leadership in successfully combating the Ebola outbreak and vowing that the U.S. would keep fighting the deadly disease elsewhere in West African.

“Because of the Ebola crisis we saw the kinds of death and destruction of an entire country, an entire region of the sort we haven’t seen very often in modern history,” Mr. Obama said, according to a press pool report.

“What is extraordinary, because of President Sirleaf’s leadership, because of the heroism of so many people in Liberia and because of the actions of the United States and also the international community, we have made extraordinary strides,” he said. “Normal life is beginning to return to Liberia. Children are beginning to go back to school People are beginning to go back to soccer matches. Businesses have reopened.”

Mrs. Sirleaf thanked “the American people” for their critical help in fighting the outbreak, singling out the U.S. military that Mr. Obama sent to aide the public health offensive.

“That made a critical difference,” she said.READ MORE OF THIS STORY

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