LIBERIA: Redemption Hosp. Receives US$50,000 Medical Donation ,As Brother’s Brother Foundation Promises More

Redemoption Hospital Administrator Dr. Sankor responding to the donation as Min. Jackson Paye looks on, with partial view of the donated items in the background

One of the country’s major underequipped health facilities, Redemption Hospital, Thursday (Feb 26) received medical supplies worth at least US$50,000 to strengthen it meet public health demands.

The donation was made by the Brother’s Brother Foundation, comprising a group of Liberians residing in Florida, United States of America.

The overwhelmed Redemption Hospital is situated on the densely populated Bushrod Island and caters to the health needs of tens of thousands of people monthly. It was where the first Ebola patients died during the second outbreak of the virus in June 2014, and hundreds of others died there 2014, and as an Ebola treatment center was created there.

The Brother’s Brother Foundation said it was moved to help the hospital with the medical supplies because of the crucial role it is playing in saving lives in the midst of daunting challenges.

The group said its donation of the medical supplies and equipments to the Redemption Hospital is part of efforts in the fight of the Ebola virus disease that has claimed more than 4,000 lives in Liberia, and as part of development of the country’s shanty health delivery.

Presenting the donation on behalf of the group, Deputy Public Works Minister Jackson Paye (who served the group while in the United States) said "the donation is their way of identifying with their brothers at home especially during this critical period, where the disease has ravaged the healthcare system of the country.”

Paye said the Ebola outbreak has exposed the weaknesses of the country’s healthcare system, as a result, it was only prudent for Diaspora Liberians like Brothers’ Brother to contribute to making things better in their country.
He said in the next few months, the Foundation will be sending another supply of drugs and medical supplies for other health facilities.

Paye put the cost of the medical supplies and equipment to the tune of US$50,000 dollars, explaining that some of the items were provided by charity organizations as well as individuals in the United States.

According to him, this is not the first time that such initiative is being carried out by the group. He recalled that during the civil crisis, when he was in the States, the Foundation donated several food and non-food items to Liberia for the suffering masses then.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the Hospital, the Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Mohammed Sankor said he was overwhelmed by the sensitivity of those Liberians living abroad in providing to their country especially at such time that every fabric of the society is broken down due to the Ebola outbreak.

He also thanked President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, her lieutenants and development counterparts for their farsightedness in fighting the disease.

He called on other Liberians abroad emulate the worthy venture initiative by the Brother’s Brother Foundation, stressing that there were lot of challenges in Liberia.

He urged Paye to translate the hospital administration’s gratitude to the Liberians living in the Florida for the donation.

Some of the items donated includes: drapes, towel cloth, surgical sterile, patient transport chair, circuit breathing, surgical gowns, amongst others.

Writes D Kaihenneh Sengbeh/Freelance


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