African Media Agency (AMA) Signs Historic Redistribution Partnership with Giant News Al Jazeera

DUBAI, UAE, 24th February 2015,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- In a bid to deepen its reach and authority, Al Jazeera which is one of the leading global media outlets has partnered with African Media Agency (AMA) to leverage on technology and heightened internet growth in Africa introducing news feed to leading online news websites.

The partnership will see news portals from Africa publish Al Jazeera's Pan African news freely. Given that most media houses have a limited budget to deploy reporters to almost all the corners of the continent, most of the audiences for these news outlets have been at a disadvantage missing out on some important news. Al Jazeera has reporters deployed in all corners of the African continent who generate both text and video content that is Africa-related. The initiative aims at permitting selected quality news portals to use this content online.

African media Agency (AMA) becomes the exclusive re-distributor and coordinates the project on behalf of Al Jazeera. AMA's unrivalled knowledge of the Pan African media landscape will enable them to help Al Jazeera vet the news portals suitable for partnership.

"We are delighted and honored to have been chosen by a media house as influential as Al Jazeera. Years of working closely with the African media has established us as the most trust-worthy partner for this venture. This also aligns with our mandate of meeting the media needs by providing quality content to attract the right audience to their online portals.", commented Eloïne Barry, AMA CEO.

The Internet has become the preferred media for most people in Africa due to easy access through their smartphones. According to internet statistics from, Africa has registered over the past 14 years the highest penetration growth rate with over 6000 percent. In addition, we count over 220 million smartphones used on the continent.

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