LIBERIA: Three Freed as Gov’t Drops US$43,000 Theft Case

State lawyer Atty. Jerry Garlawolu Tuesday announced in open court that government was no longer interested in pursuing the case against three persons in connection to a US$43,000 theft of property. The court has subsequently freed the trio.
Defendants Cecelia Francis, Charles Natt and Alimane Toyer were accused of stealing the money from one George Natt in 2014 and have been in detention beyond the statutory period ­on charges of burglary, theft of property and criminal facilitation.
Atty. Garlawolu informed the court that it was the right of the state to drop charges against anyone as provided by Chapter 18, sub-Section 18.1 of the Criminal Procedure law.
"Prosecution bags to bring to the attention of this honorable court that the state has evoked Chapter 18, sub-Section 18.1 of the Criminal Procedure law by entering a Nolle Prosequio in favor of defendants Cecelia Francis, Charles S. Natt and Alimane Toyer and Green to be identified in the cause of action burglary, theft of property and criminal facilitation but reserve the right to re-file if and when the need arises in keeping with law," he stressed.
Defense lawyer Atty. Arthur Johnson interposed no objection to the prosecution team's application to court.
Meanwhile, Criminal Court 'C' presiding Judge Peter Gbeneweleh said that the motion of the prosecution to enter a plea of Nolle Prosequio without prejudice to the state was consistent with Section 18.1 of the Criminal Procedure law of 1973.
Accordingly, Judge Gbeneweleh granted the state's motion and dismissed the case.
He further ordered the clerk of the court to issue a release and place same in the hand of the sheriff to have the defendants released with immediate effect. – MICAT


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