LIBERIA: NPA Wins Lease Agreement Cancellation Case Against Liberia Material Limited

Following months of intensive legal battle between the National Port Authority (NPA) and the Liberia Material Limited over the cancellation of a lease agreement by the NPA management, at the Supreme Court of Liberia, the Court has finally ruled in favor of the National Port Authority .

In its 3-page  judgment in the case, the Supreme Court of Liberia said, “Having heard the legal arguments and contentions advanced by the parties, reviews the facts and circumstances presented by the records, and examined and studied the laws cited and controlling in the case, and being satisfied that sufficient legal basis existed for the conciliation of the Land Lease  Agreement between the parties, the general principle which ordinarily precludes as trial judge from delving into the facts of the case and entering  judgment in the course of disposing of the law issues, is not applicable to the instant case as the party defendant admitted to the facts and allegations constituting breach of the agreement. This admission is sufficient to not warrant the reversal of the judgment entered by the trial judge.”  the Supreme Court judgment noted.

The Supreme Court judgment signed by the full bench of the Court, including the Chief Justice of Liberia, His Honor Francis S. Korkpor on the 19th of February, 2015. This case started in the Court's October 2014 sitting term.

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