US Based Liberian Threatens Police With Lawsuit

Lberian based in the United States has threatened a lawsuit against the Liberia National Police for ‘Unjustifiably’ putting bars his two kids based on misleading complaint filed by one Helena Crusoe.

Benjamin M. Stanley Former Director of Enforcement Small Tax Division, Ministry of Finance, in a telephone exchange said he has been taken aback the  behavior of one officer Abraham Kollie assigned at the Shara Police Depot on Duport Road  who ‘unjustifiably’ detained his two kids,  Benjalyn Stanley and Naomi Stanley at the depot and took the keys away for hours.

Speaking to our staff via mobile phone over the weekend in a rather frustrated tune, Stanley said he called the depot commander Precious Moore Cell# 011231-0110800526 who confirmed the situation and said she could not contact him because he locked them up and took the keys away.

Speaking further, Mr. Stanley noted, “Secondly, what I cannot understand is why should the desk commander, Abraham Kollie detained minors/teen and take the keys away, is this the new police practice or norms in Liberia under the watchful eyes of Chris  Massaquoi?  or is this part of the improved criminal justice system our government boost of? He asked in a very disheartened mood on the mobile phone from the U.S.

Speaking on the situation, Mr. Stanley said, “I have been informed that the police officer is the son in law to miss Crusoe so she used that influence to detained my kids for 6 hours or at her description before they were release. Officer Abraham Kollie need to face the full weight of the law so as to avoid the re-occurrence,” he told this paper.

“My children went at the shara police depot for investigation and onward court procedure as I demanded just to be told that the lady Helena Crusoe had no case against my kids and should go home, is this how the system work now a day in Liberia?”

He said he has already resolved to challenge the unethical and unprofessional behavior of this police officer through the justice system, noting, “I don’t care what ever means available. I have contacted my lawyers at T. C. Gould law firm to pursuit the case,” he told our staff.

Effort to contact the head o the LNP Public Affairs proved unsuccessful as his mobile phone rang endlessly. Investigation continues.

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