SEGAL Wins Another Award “Rated First Class”

(By Steve Doito)

The Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL), a private security firm widely acclaimed for providing excellent and efficient service, have yet again received another prestigious award from a consortium of civil society groups in Liberia.

Making the presentation at a well attended program graced by several key stake holders on January 27, 2015 in Monrovia, the Executive Director of the group, Sensee Kiadii, noted that the selection was done base on several factors which borders on efficiency and high productivity.

He mentioned that SEGAL has and continue to live up to several post war challenges as evidence by the employment opportunity being created by the security firm, thereby helping  to buttress the Government of Liberia Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS). Mr. Kiadii called on top level management to continue its good work in the area of sustainable development agenda.
Receiving the certificate, the General Manager of SEGAL, Mr. Momo Cyrus expressed thanks and gratitude to the rights group and indicated that the award has elevated the security firm to another level, mainly in the private security arena.

Cyrus voiced: "the selection of SEGAL as the best private security in Liberia for 2014 is something we appreciate and has also given us more energy and zeal to go further than where we are today".

Extolling the  rights group for its fairness during the entire exercise, the SEGAL Boss added, "i have always indicated to people that we at this level are 0nly support staff of the organization so that is why we continue to recognized the men and women out there in the field because they are the ambassadors," Cyrus said.

Importantly, he said the good job that is being done out there by the men and women of the security firm which has now being recognized today is due to the level of diligence on the part of every individual.

The SEGAL Boss in turning over the certificate to Mr. Dave Freeman, the most senior guard of the entity, stressed, "we appreciate everything you have done in allowing us to win this recognition because it is not easy in getting  this far."

Meanwhile, Mr. Momo Cyrus is calling on the Government of Liberia to help provide duty-free privilege on some imported goods which is key and relevant in empowering the private security sector which is key in creating employment in the county. According to Mr. Cyrus his firm has in its employed several ex-service men whom he believed is helping to reduced tension in the country.

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