LIBERIA: Pres. Sirleaf Announces ‘All Girls Complete High School’ Program

(By: Prince Nagbe/LINA )

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has announced a program offering financial support to girls willing to remain in school until the completion of high school.
The program, which is to be implemented in the next fiscal year, is intended to solve some of the education problems, she said in her 10th annual address to the Joint Session of the National Legislature at the Capitol Building Monday.
“This is a must for the future of the country and for the education of girls who do not go beyond middle school and are at risk of exploitation,” President Sirleaf emphasized.
She pointed out that education remains a number one priority in the development of Liberia and the most difficult to show positive results in the short-term.
The president noted that though the government has succeeded in achieving quantity goals by increased enrollment, quality education has declined even further, evidenced by the mass failure in the exams of the University of Liberia and the West African Examinations Council set at a substandard level for Liberia.
She noted that the problem of education goes even beyond the lack of qualified teachers, facilities, supplies and incentives, adding, “The vastness of this challenge and the implication it poses to our overall development effort compel all of us to formulate bold strategic action to fix it.”
The Liberian leader is therefore calling on educators, prominent citizens and partners to join in the review and update of the Comprehensive Education Reform Program which is underway by the Ministry of Education.

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