African Embassies In United States Recognizing Filmmakers Riasing Money To Fight Ebola

West African Embassies in the United States are this week recognizing a 17-year old USA filmmaker John Taschner who directed the film GEN RX about the Ebola crisis in Liberia and Sierra Leone, partnering with the United Nations Foundation raising over $140Million for emergency relief, medical supplies, and support personnel for West Africa.  The Information attaché at the Embassy in Washington DC, USA, congratulated the John Taschner for “admirable achievement” and said, the Ebola film by Taschner is playing “a very key role in the fight against Ebola.”

The filmmaker was a student at University of Southern California in Los Angeles, when he conceived the idea for the Ebola film, writing the film script and directing the movie in less than two weeks. The Ebola film is a powerful educational vehicle about the Ebola crisis that is driving global support and emergency relief to West Africa.  Funds donated to the UN Foundation Emergency Response Fund for Ebola in West Africa have passed $140Million so far.  The filmmaker said, “The goal of the film is to drive increased awareness and support for the fight against Ebola in West Africa.”

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