Liberian Doctor Wanted For Raping A Child In U.S. Will Be Allowed To Stay In Britain

(By James Slack for the Daily Mail) –

Tobias Bowen who is accused of child rape in the U.S., has been allowed to stay in Britain because his human rights could be breached if he is extradited.. The 48-year-old fled New York for Africa four years ago while on $10,000 bail charged with two counts of raping a child.

Detectives working with the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force tracked his travels, which included a stay in Holland, and he was taken into custody at Heathrow when he visited Britain in April last year. Westminster Magistrates' Court yesterday heard that he had since settled in Milton Keynes with his wife and young family – making Britain his 'safe haven'.

Daniel Sternberg, acting on behalf of the American authorities, told the court: 'Bowen is undoubtedly a fugitive from justice from the legal powers of the United States. 'He was granted bail for a huge amount of $10,000 and subsequently left the country in 2010. READ MORE OF THIS STORY

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