LIBERIA: Japan Reaffirms Support To Liberia’s Post-Ebola Era

Japan’s new Ambassador to Liberia, Mr. Kaoru Yoshimura, has reaffirmed that Japan is prepared to contribute to the country’s post-Ebola recovery plan, adding that Ebola was a setback that the country is now overcoming.
He assured President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of his support, commitment and cooperation during his tenure as the new Japanese Ambassador to Liberia and acknowledged the strong leadership qualities exhibited by the Liberian President during the Ebola crisis.
An Executive Mansion release said Ambassador Yashimura, who is resident in Accra, Ghana, gave the assurance when he presented his Letter of Credence as Japanese Ambassador Monday to President Sirleaf at the Foreign Ministry.
At the ceremony Ambassador Yoshimura conveyed a message of support and solidarity from the Emperor of Japan during “a difficult moment” in Liberia’s history due to the Ebola outbreak and expressed how pleased he was to be in Liberia.
He also pledged to stand with Liberia in all its endeavors, including finishing the battle to eradicate the Ebola virus from Liberia.
President Sirleaf, receiving the Letter of Credence from the Japanese diplomat, welcomed him to Liberia and acknowledged the excellent relations existing between Liberia and Japan.
She reflected on key events of the relations dating back to the 1960s and 1970s to include a visit to Japan in 1960 and the christening of a Firestone boat in 1970.
President Sirleaf recognized that the conflict in Liberia stalled the relationship, but stressed that Japan has given Liberia a lot of support since the end of the civil conflict, including bilateral support.
She identified the Liberia/Japanese Friendship Hospital at the John F Kennedy Medical Center, support to the government’s energy programs, road works, particularly the Somalia Drive project, as key interventions made by Japan to the country infrastructure program.
President Sirleaf noted that Japan has stood with Liberia throughout the Ebola crisis through its support to many international organizations responding to the crisis.

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