LIBERIA: Ministry Of Education Insists On Reopening of Schools in February, Despite Appeal From Stakeholders For Extension

The Ministry of Education (MOE) says its decision to reopen schools in February for Academic Year 2015 remains irreversible. George Wou, Administrative Assistant to Deputy Education Minister for Instruction Hawa Goll-Kochi, told the Liberia News Agency Monday in an interview at his Third Street office that plans were being finalized by the ministry to reopen schools throughout the country.

Mr. Wou said the Government of Liberia has committed US2.2 million dollars for the purchase of arm chairs and the renovation of public schools to ensure the smooth conduct of classes.

The Education Ministry official disclosed that UNICEF has agreed to supply anti-Ebola materials to all campuses of the 5,800 public and private schools in Liberia to ensure the safety of students during school hours.

Wou said thermometers, detergents, faucet buckets for hand washing, as well as other Ebola preventive materials would be supplied to the various schools around the country.

He also indicated that the Ministry of Education has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Finance that would help privately owned educational institutions to reduce fees at their institutions, adding that” the outbreak of the Ebola virus in the country imposed hardships on the parents, thus making it difficult for many of them to be able to meet up with fees charged by private schools.”

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