2 Soldiers Killed At Ivory Coast, Liberia Border Attack

Undefined gun crossed over from Liberia and launched a pre-dawn attack on an army base in western Ivory Coast over the weekend, killing at least two soldiers, a member of the Ivorian Parliament claimed, according to a local daily.

But the Liberian Government has expressed concerns about the report making further commitment about regional security.

In his reaction, Liberian Minister of Information, Lewis Brown in an exclusive interview with reporters said “The Government of Liberia is concerned about news reports of recent attacks in border towns and villages of Ivory Coast.

The Liberian Chief Spokesman added that the Liberian Government is fully committed to working with and supporting the Ivorian authorities and international partners in strengthening border security, regional peace and stability as well as raiding the subregion of the mutually destabilizing activities of non-state actors,” Minister Brown noted.

This recent assault on the town of Grabo, near the top cocoa power’s western border, was the third deadly raid in the area in less than a year.  The Ivorian government has blamed previous attacks on supporters of ex-president Laurent Gbagbo based in Liberia.

Grabo’s Parliament Representative, Yaya Coulibaly said gunfire erupted around 3AM and an exchange of fire between the assailants and Ivorian solders which lasted over an hour.

“They attacked the military base. As always, they came from Liberia,” Representative Coulibaly further disclosed said two Ivorian soldiers were killed in the attack.

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