LIBERIA: Debasing the myth of poor performance at NPA ….Unveiling the facts

By: Magnus Prosper Sackie

In the early morning hours of December 30, 2104, many persons  woke up  with total dismal and shock after scamming through  a piece of trash authored by  high code hustler and blackmail specialists whose compositions are always characterized by  unsubstantiated    lies,  personal perception and egotism.    

The trash written and published by the Front Page Africa that rated several outstanding performing agencies and State Own Enterprisers of the Liberian government low marks for the 2014 was wholly unrealistic, unappreciative and lacked the substance in total disregard for the truth.  

For example, the FPA in its recent poor analysis graded the Gate Way to Liberia’s Economy (NPA) and others “D” as a performance score for 2014.

In its December 30 2014 publication, Front Page Africa among other things particularly misled the many readers by promulgating what is widely becoming a usual self-styled gossip that key projects at the NPA have been stalled as a result of lack of cooperation and administrative disagreements.

In face of the constant weave of negatives and realistic grading perception being spelled against the NPA, it has been proven that the entity made a record setting and extraordinary achievements in the 2104.

This is evident by the fact of a ZERO case of the Ebola Virus Disease in the Liberians Seaports in the wake of the harmful impact the EVD has had on the country’s economy over the last eleven months.

Unlike what is being negatively perceived by the FPA, a list of reputable organizations and institutions around the World including the United States Based Center for Disease Control have since graded the Management of the NPA with high marks and different awards for preserving the seaports of Liberia from the EVD through the introduction and rigorous implementation of stringent anti Ebola Measures.   

Also on the contrary, it was reported that “Progress at the port is said to be slowing down in part due to the fact that the Managing Director and her principal deputies at consistently at loggerheads”. In a rather rational analysis, when the phrase ‘said to be slowing down’ is being used by someone, it speaks to a clue   that the user of such phrase is an ignorant and lacks the basis for the facts.  In sight of this, it has been gathered that well coordinated and    regular meetings usually take place three times  or more every week  in the Conference of the NPA with   top and middle level personnel to  discuss the interest of the NPA; as such,    no form of dispute resulting to the Managing Director and her principal deputies being at loggerheads.      

On the issue of reports that the “NPA did not make any meaningful contribution to the National budget, and that there is no known history or any major achievement by the NPA during the year”, as was mentioned by the FPA, it is glaring fact that the author is ill informed and lacks the ability to report on what he or she had absolutely no idea about. For the record however, the operating revenue for the National Port Authority has been increased from a conservative 1.0% to US $26.9 Million.

The NPA also made a 100% increment from 1 million to 2 million as direct support to the Country’s budget for the 2014.  

At the same time, a   record-setting 7,452,492 metric tons of cargo moved across National Port Authority docked in 2014.  This figure percents 13% higher than the amount of tonnage handled the previous year.

Additionally, the National Port Authority won all local cases concluded in court in year 2014.  Six of the seven cases were alleged unfair labor practices, and one case was for the cancelation of a lease.  The latter case has been appealed at the Supreme Court, and NPA awaits court ruling.

Also during the first half of 2014, the NPA trained approximately 100 staff members on various trade related skills.  Members of the leadership team attended training at LIPA on Audits, Monitoring, Human Resources and Archiving.    56 NPA security officers also received training from the Maritime Training Academy, and 375 employees and port users on CDC Ebola Prevention Methods.

These pieces of edifying notes and remarkable achievements being recorded by the Matilda Parker administration at the NPA contrary to reports of poor performance and administrative disagreements should therefore serve as enlightenments for the sweeping waves of unsubstantiated lies & egotism against the Institution. 

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