LIBERIA: NEC’s Nightmare Glows as Defeated Senatorial Candidates Queues for Supreme Court for Redress

The docket of the nation’s highest court, the Supreme Court of Liberia is overwhelmingly stockpiled with complains of dissatisfaction from senatorial candidates who were recently defeated by their opponents, requesting for redress.

The latest of such complaint is Rosalind Segbe Tonne Sneh (UP)Madam Rosaline Sneh who contested in the just ended senatorial race on the ticket of the Unity Party (UP) for Grand Kru and was defeated by Albert Chie who NEC said got 45.4% while Madam Sneh received 22.5% of the total votes cast.

According to report, Madam Sneh rejecting the result has filed her complain to the Supreme Court of Liberia expressing her contention on the result released by the National Elections Commission.

Other who is also seeking the intervention of the nation’s highest court is Jonathan Boycharles Sogbie of APD who contested for the position in River Gee County, saying his defeat was ‘unfair’.

According to NEC Mr. Sogbie was defeated by Amb. Conmeny Wesseh of Unity Party (UP) who received 26.1% of the votes cast while Sogbie got 16.8%.

Detail of this will follow in our subsequent posting.


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