LIBERIA: Nimba Legislative Caucus, Local Authority Smoke Peace Pipe

The Nimba County Legislative Caucus and the Office of the Superintendent have trashed out the “administrative differences,” with the Chairman of the Caucus Senator Thomas Grupee saying, “Let bygone be bygone.”

Senator Grupee made the comment at the induction ceremony of the newly- confirmed Assistant Superintendent for Development Dorr Cooper over the weekend in Sanniquellie.

The Legislative Caucus had passed a vote of non-compliance in working with Superintendent Fong Zuagele and former Assistant Superintendent for Development Teeko Tozay Yorlay.

Grupee said the caucus protested against the senior members of the local authority of the county due to the disrespectful posture exercised by them during the period.

The Caucus’ Chairman lauded the recent reconciliatory and peace-building forum between both parties in Ganta that led to the smoking of the peace pipe..


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