Sinoe Citizens Congratulate Milton Teahjay On His Ascendency As Their Senator

STORY WRITTEN BY SONPON WEAH – Former Secretary General of Dugbe River Union of Liberia, Mr. Aaron J. Manneh has congratulated Sinoe County Senator-Elect Hon. J. Milton Teahjay for his preferment to the county’s higher post in the first branch of government, while urging also him to ensure complete and unconditional clearance for his stewardship in Sinoe County.

The prominent Sinoean told his Senator-elect Hon. J.Milton Teahjay that citizens and residents of Sinoe County have chosen him, amongst others to mainly help bring about sustainable peace and unity, infrastructural, social, economic, political development and growth in the county.

He urged Hon. Teahjay to strive to begin clearing his name of corrupt charges levied against him as Superintendent of Sinoe County and also prioritize the supreme interests of Sinoe County instead of further enriching himself as business as usual.
Mr. Manneh, a former Assistant Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, said he was joining his voice with those citizens of Sinoe who are expressing reservations on your senatorial win in Sinoe County in the midst of public cries of an alleged indictment of county development funds hanging over your head.

 Mr. Manneh, a former Liberia National Police Officer observed that those who seek the high office of the county as senator and Superintendent must be free of all blemishes and their records must not be tainted.

“The people of Sinoe deserved better than electing you in the midst of controversial of financial improprieties. I am equally calling on you sir, to ensure that there is complete and unconditional clearance of your stewardship as former Superintendent of Sinoe County”, averred Mr. Manneh who is eyeing the post of Superintendent of Sinoe County.


 He further urged Mr. Teahjah to do an honorable thing for himself and all democratic minded individual of Sinoe County and the world to free himself of such alleged indictment charges prior to taking seat to that distinguished body of the Honorable Members of the Liberian Senate.

Mr.Manneh observed that Mr. Milton Teahjah has fallen short of the glory of the good elements of democracy which point to accountability and transparency in government and so he cannot be honored as senator until he seeks legal remedy to clear himself of those charges and to remove such negative clouds.

According him, the slogan "you kill my pa or ma I will vote for you" cannot hold water in Sinoe County, adding that “those responsible for keeping the County under-development while developing their status and farms against the overall development goal of all sectors of the county must be opposed.”

The former Minister said that this cannot and must not work in Sinoe County this time around because such behaviors have been contributing  largely to the backwardness of the county for decades  on the part of the past and current leaders who always in the habit of “SIGNING NO’ to the development of Sinoe County.

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