LIBERIA: Muslim Community In Zwedru Protests Over Ebola Burial Site

The clearing of a site for the burial of corpses of Ebola victims at the Zwedru Central Cemetery over the weekend sparked off serious protest with hundreds of Muslims demanding fair play.

The protest was so intense that the county authority ordered immediate relocation of the site near the Ebola Treatment Center to bring it under control.

The center is situated on a 15 acre parcel of land adjacent the government cemetery in Zwedru, which is said to be the burial place of the Muslim Community.

The confusion started when the Chinese Engineering Contingent on Tuesday began the surveying and clearing of two acres of land given by the county authority for the burial of Ebola bodies as its contribution to the County Ebola Taskforce in the fight against the virus.

Imams, elders and other members of the Muslim community, who put up a peaceful resistance at the site, said their action is aimed at preventing the burial team from trampling on their dead relatives and members.

They claimed that their ownership of the land is legitimate as the parcel of land was purchased, surveyed and signed by the county Land Commissioner and surveyor in 2009 at the cost of US$1,500.

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