LIBERIA: Several Student Groups, Civil Society Organizations Honored NPA Boss For ‘Job Well Done’

Tuesday, December 23, 2014, was another blissfully day for the entire workforce of the National Port Authority (NPA) when their Managing Directors, Madam Matilda Wokie Parker was honored by dozens of Student and Civil society groups including the Port Truckers Association, the management of the National Transit Authority (NTA) and the Dock Worker Union of Liberia (DOWUL) for what they described as her brilliant administrative services at the NPA over the years.

The program which was attended by hundreds of well-wishers and employees of the NPA saw the honoree graciously being poured with thunderous praises from the groups, describing her as a woman of substance

The groups in their statement of honor read by the Organizing Chairman of the Association Of Liberia Democracy Groups, Joseph Deena outlined the numerous works of the NPA boss over the years, noting, “For providing support through the NPA’s Social Corporate program including scholarships to deserving students and faith based groups; developing a multi-year training of US$2.9 million to build the capacity on NPA employees with over 40% employees participated in professional development programs in Israel, Ivory Coast, China, Singapore, Benin, Ghana, the United States and Liberia among others.”

The statement also said the NPA management through the support of its Managing Director, Madam Matilda Wokie Parker restructured the poverty and rick department to include an environmental unit more efficiently tackle related challenges that could potentially affect its customers, investors, and its entire workforce.

The groups also mentioned the rapid increment of the NPA casual workers by 100%, and producing a 25-year master plan for the development of the country’s ports sector, adding, “We are overwhelmed of the high professional level of Madam Parker in her bid to develop the country’s port sector. The dredging and reconstruction of the Bong Mine Company pier, providing designated parking area for the truckers services at the Freeport of Monrovia to allow a free flow of traffic, and celebrating the first visit of container vessel through the port of Buchanan in 20 years.”

The management of the National Transit Authority (NTA) represented by its Public Affairs Manager also presented a gift to the honoree; praising her for her hard work, noting. "We at the NTA appreciate Madam Matilda Wokie Parker over the years; her sound administrative performences over the years worth million of praises," the NTA officials said.

Also presented with gifts by the Dock Workers Union of Liberia were Mr. Jeffrey George, NPA Deputy Managing Director for Legal Affairs and Madam Cecelia Cuffy Brown an executive of the NPA, and the entity's Financial Controller, Madam Christina Paelay for their professional services at the NPA over the years.

For her part, the honoree expressed gratitude to those who bestowed the honor on her and said the success of her administration was not done only by her, but rather the entire administrative workforce and employees who she said cooperatively worked hard to bring glory and success to the NPA.

Madam Parker also praised God for the strength given her to serve the Liberian people, and lauded President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for giving her the opportunity to serve her people, stressing in a joyous mood, “I thank all of your for the honor, and be assured we will do all in our powers to do more”


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