Visiting US-based Liberian Doctor Urges Care For Mentally Deranged

A visiting US-based Liberian Psychosocial Scientist, Dr. John Daku, has called on the Liberian Government to redirect its attention to mentally deranged persons roaming the streets of Monrovia.

He noted that the number of mentally deranged persons on the streets has increased in the aftermath of the 14-year civil conflict due to lack of a facility to accommodate and care for them.

Daku who arrived in Liberia recently to acquaint himself with the health situation in the country, made the call Tuesday at a press conference at his residence in the Monrovia suburb of Sinkor.

He indicated that the war in Liberia traumatized several people to the extent that they became mad; hence it behooves every well-meaning Liberian to help them become useful citizens once again.

Daku recommended that the government empowers the social welfare division at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to cater to these mentally deranged people  who have become liabilities to society


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