Pregnant Woman, Other Relatives of Ebola Victim Denied Food, Water During Quarantine in Liberia

By Frances Martel –

Family members of an Ebola victim in the devastated town of Jene-Wonde, Liberia, report that they are being denied food and water by villagers as part of their quarantine. Alice Massally, a member of the family, tells FrontPageAfrica the denial of food began because her deceased father refused humanitarian aid. In a report on the family of 27, FrontPageAfrica notes that the father of the family rejected World Food Programme resources, claiming that "it was Ebola food and bad for his family." Residents claim the father lied about having Ebola, and since his death, the family has been ostracized. They have been banned from the community water well without supervision and denied any food that enters the impoverished village. Says Massally, one of the man's daughters, “Since they quarantined us, they don’t give us food or water and we’re just sitting here, we can’t go anywhere. READ MORE OF THIS

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