LIBERIA: Hearing Of Petition To Halt Political Activities Now Set For Friday, December 6, 2014

Following the lates appearance of the National Elections Commission legal team before the Justice in Chambers, Cllr. Philip Z. Banks to show while that Commission should not be held in contempt on petition filed by some group of political parties to halt the upcoming election scheduled for December 16, 2014, the hearing date is now set for Friday, 6, 2014.

Last week Justice in Chambers, Philip Z. Banks, told the National Elections Commission (NEC) to inform all political parties to halt all activities associated with the election, following a petition filed by a coalition of former government officials and representatives of some political parties to stay the election on the grounds that holding the poll risks spreading the deadly Ebola virus.  

The request by the Supreme Court was reportedly ignored by the legal team of NEC to file its returns, leaving hundreds of Liberians who had earlier gathered on the grounds of the Temple of Justice on Tuesday morning to witness the proceedings left disappointed.

Observers believed the failure on the part of the legal team of NEC to appear before the Supreme Court may delay the holding of these elections.

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