Liberian High School Footballer Shot In U.S. – By: James Momoh

Steven Morris a Liberian whose name has become synonymous to high school Football in the state of New Jersey was over the weekend shot by unidentified gun men in the city of East Orange.

According to our U.S. based Correspondent, the sixteen years old migrated to the United with his mother and siblings following the Liberian civil war.

Since his arrival Steven has being actively engaged in academic work but seems to see his path to a successful career after his college education by becoming a professional football player.

In the United States, professional football players are among the wealthiest personalities. The Liberian migrant was immediately evacuated to the East Orange general hospital. He underwent several hours of surgery to abstract the bullets that he sustained from the shooting. Medical doctors that spoke to our reporter at the East Orange general hospital said the migrant was among one of the luckiest to survive after absorbing seven bullets into his legs, back and lower abdomen.

They said his immediate evacuation and admittance at the operating theatre plays a leading role in his survival. According to the surgeons that abstracted the bullets, it took about seven hours to remove the bullets.

‘This kid is very lucky to live and tell his own ordeal’ a nurse attending to his care after leaving the operation room indicated’ Some of his high school team mates that visited the hospital after hearing the news of the shooting disclosed that the sixteen year old Liberian was an excellent player and has always lead their school to capturing several championships ‘He is a good friend but a great player and we are very saddened for this unfortunate incident’.

Police sources investigating the incident told our reporter that they are yet to identify the circumstances surrounding the shooting but are positive that the incident was likely an attempted robbery. Speaking to our correspondent at her East Orange residence Ms. Grace Nagbe mother of the victim told our reporter that the shooting involving her son was heart breaking.

She said while returning home from work, her route to her residence was diverted by police officers that were investigating a shooting incident that occurred few kilometers from her residence. ‘I did not know it was my son that was shot’ She further explained that prior to getting home she noticed that her son has called several times.’ I just thought it was his usual phone calls asking me to bring him food from work’ She said as I got home, I was told that one Steven Morris was shot by some unidentified gunmen and evacuated to the hospital. ‘It is my son, it is my son’ she shouted. Ms. Nagbe further said that she immediately went to the hospital only to be told that her son was undergoing emergency surgery due to the wounds that he sustained from the shooting. At the home of the victim family members was seeing weeping and praying for the survivor of the Liberian high school football star. 

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