EXCLUSIVE: Revealed, how American tyre giant Firestone forces families of dead Ebola victims to leave their homes on Liberian plantation

By Gethin Chamberlain In Monrovia For Mailonline

Tyre giant Firestone has ordered the children of workers who died from Ebola to leave their homes on its plantation in Liberia. The company – part of the Bridgestone group which last week announced sales for the first nine months of the year totalling £14.5 billion – has told the families they cannot stay on in worker housing and will not get pensions.

At least 57 people have died on Firestone’s giant plantation near the national capital Monrovia since the start of the outbreak in March. The dead include nine workers, plus family members and people living around the edges of the site who sought treatment at the company’s medical facility. Family of workers who died are entitled to a one-off payment of $1,900 [£1,200] and a bag of rice. Their union complains that Liberia’s labour laws are weighted in favour of the company and there is no provision for a pension to support their families.

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