As Liberia’s Senate election campaigns begins becomes winners

The National Elections Commission of Liberia is preparing to hold Senatorial elections in the country next month, despite the Ebola epidemic that has claimed the lives of 2,812 people.

Political campaign activities for the senatorial elections due on 16 December in Liberia will started Thursday, November 20, 2014 and end twenty four hours before polling day.

About 139 candidates who have been certified by the National Elections Commission are contesting 15 seats in the senate.

Last week, election officials in the country announced the arrival of 2,640,000 ballot papers from Ghana for the poll.

According to the Chairman of the National Elections Commission, Jerome Kokoya, ballot papers will be deployed to 1,780 polling precincts nationwide on 13 December, just two days ahead of polling day.

Earlier this week, the electoral body announced its civic and voter education program in Monrovia; deploying 400 civic and voter education officers across the country to campaign for the election.

1.2 million registered voters are expected to turn up on the day of the vote, to elect new senators who will join 15 others already serving.

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