Diabetes Prevalence Alarming Among Liberian Journalists – Assessment Reveals

The founder of a diabetes testing and awareness center has disclosed that the prevalence of diabetes among Liberian journalists is alarming and is also a potential threat to the lives of journalists in Liberia.

The findings were made during a two months diabetes assessment visit to Liberia. James Momoh made the observation while attending a media health conference for African journalists in the United States.

The conference was aimed at creating health awareness among African journalists on preventable diseases in the mist of the current Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

He said while in Liberia every five journalists tested for diabetes, three were either in the early stages of developing diabetes or type 2 diabetic. ‘Interestingly these individuals were unknowingly living with the condition until the content of their glucose level was tested.  

‘He told his audience that the purpose of establishing a diabetes testing center in Liberia was to create awareness of the disease and educate sufferers on how to manage their health condition adding that ‘diabetes testing is a key component of diabetes management’.

He said African journalists must be the first line of defense for their own health by routinely undergoing health assessment to enable them prevents medical conditions that are preventable and manageable.

Speaking further, Momoh said while diabetes seems prevalence among Liberian journalists, hypotension or high blood pressure is another health condition that requires immediate attention not only by African journalists but citizens of the region.  

He said diabetes and hypotension are interrelated medical conditions but with routine health assessment their effects are manageable.

Expanding further, Momoh said diabetes affects the body system and more often devastating if individuals suffering from the condition are not knowledgeable of their glucose level through fasting glucose testing.

On the complications of diabetes he said people suffering from diabetes often suffered from kidney failure, blur vision, impotency for men, cardiovascular disease, weight gain or loss if not properly managed. He urged Liberian journalists to get tested for their glucose level and not allow diabetes to end their lives prematurely.  


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