Liberian Company Crying Foul For Infringing On Its Trademark Rights By Lebanese Company, Blames LIPO

What seems to be a row hullabaloo in the Liberian business community is said to shortly hamper the employment of jobless Liberians if the Ministry of Commerce & Industry withhold its decision to revoke the Trademark Certificate granted to BAF Trading Corporation, a Liberian owned company to be the sole importer of Pop Drinks in Liberia to a Lebanese Company.

In a communication to the President of the Liberian Business Association (LIBA), Dee-Maxwell S. Kemaya, Sr,, in in the possession of the GNN, the BAF Trading Corporation Incorporated, registered its displeasure on the violation of the infringement of its Trademark by a Lebanese businessman only identified as Houssani Kessell owner of the H.K. Enterprise Incorporated.

According to the Company’s communication to LIBA President complained that, said since January 9, 2010 it has been the trademark holder and sole distributor of Pop Drink in Liberia through a third party named PT Afrindo International based in Indonesia.

The company said the Liberia Industrial Property Office (LIPO) granted BAF Trading Corporation ten years certificate to the right to sell and distribute Pop Drink on the Liberian market in keeping with the laws of Liberia, but unfortunately the very LIPO that granted BAF Trading Corporation the ten years rights to sell the drink has without legal reliance as provided for under the laws of Liberia.

Quoting section 4 (1), 40 (2), 43 (1), 43, (4), (a), 43 (4) (b) amongst other of the Industrial Property Laws of Liberia, BAF in its communication also complained that LIPO in order to downplay the Liberianization policy chose to revoke the rights given to the Liberian owned company to be the sole importer and distributor of Pop Drink to a Lebanese company, H.K. Enterprise.

The communication to LIBA President and signed by the Managing Director of BAF Trading Corporation Incorporated, Facinet Kamara, called on the leadership of LIBA to see reason to intervene in resolving the ongoing crisis.

Observers believed the LIPO is not doing justice to a Liberian owned company which has in its employ several Liberians who are the breadwinners for their families.

Effort to contact both the Minister of Commerce and the Director of the Liberia Industrial Property Officer proved unsuccessful as their mobile lines rang endlessly.

Investigation continues

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